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Characteristics of Bittersegen:

  • This is the new version of the “Bitterstern”, a liqueur made of spices and herbs produced according to an old monastery recipe on the basis Hildegard of Bingen’s medicine
  • Enriched with Ayurvedic, Chinese and Indian herbs
  • High content of valuable bitter substances

Recommended use:

  • Take 7 – 10 drops 3 x daily with water as an aperitif before or after a meal
  • Take 1/2 – 1 teaspoon as a digestive after eating
  • Long-term use: highly recommended

Use for children: pour the drops into warm water and wait until the alcohol has evaporated.

Please note:

  • Bittersegen is a clear to slightly cloudy liquid. Over time, you may see small flocculations or lumps in the liquid. This effect does not influence the quality of the liquid.


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